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Electronically filing documents is available for: Civil, *Criminal, Domestic Relations, *Guardianship/Conservatorship, *Juvenile Delinquency, and *Probate cases. The eFiling portal offered by the State at http://efile.azcourts.gov/

* Non-initiating (subsequent) filing only

For information on the eFiling system and to register and train for its use, you can visit http://www.azcourts.gov/efilinginformation/eFiling-Availability/GJ

 General Use/Miscellaneous (Superior Court) Forms:

Generic Motion
Motion To Continue
Motion for Change of Venue
Motion to Extend Dismissal
Motion to Set for Trial
Address Change
Electronic Distribution Applications
Foreign Subpoena

Foreign Subpoena Rule

Superior Court Remote Appearance
Notice of Filing
Restricting Public Access

General Use/Miscellaneous (Justice & Municipal Courts) Forms:

Change of Address
General Use Forms